Little Debbie Snack Cakes: The Little-Known Flavors You May Not Have Seen …

The editors during HuffPost Taste speak about food all day long, that fundamentally leads us down some flattering controversial food-related (and infrequently otherwise) rabbit holes on Google. One day final week, we were led to a Little Debbie Web site. And now, a lives will never be a same.

You guys, there are Little Debbie snacks listed on their product page that we’ve NEVER EVEN HEARD OR DREAMED OF UNTIL NOW. Banana Twins, Boston Creme Rolls, Raisin Creme Pies … a list goes on. We suspected a reason for a Little Debbie believe opening was that many products are sole in specific regions, yet that speculation was partially squashed when we satisfied a editors come from all corners of a country. So since haven’t we seen these before?!?

Before we started chowing down on a Little Debbie taste test, we reached out to a folks during domicile to get some answers. Here’s a reason we got from Mike Gloekler, Corporate Communications PR Manager for McKee Foods.

A multiple of factors establish that products we see in stores. We do see some movement in seductiveness in products regionally. Sometimes we hear that one product does good on one side of city and not on another for no apparent reason. It is formidable to explain ambience preference. We have a integrate of items, namely Jelly Creme Pies and Raisin Creme Pies, that are quite clever in a farming South and do not have most of a following in other areas of a country.

So what if we wish to sequence a product that’s not accessible in your sold area? Says Gloekler:

We do not now have a routine for grouping Little Debbie products online or mail order. Our baked products tend to be rather frail for a common shipping services. We take good caring in ensuring a freshest baked products go from a bakery to your communities as fast as probable and in a best shape.

So we’re sorry, yet we competence have to live vicariously by us as we make a approach by today’s tasting. We all know that break cakes aren’t really that good for us, infrequently heading us to recreate them during home in a “healthier” conform — yet we threw counsel to a breeze and tasted all a little-known Little Debbie cakes we could get a hands on anyway. Check out a slideshow next to review a comments about any of a break cakes.

(The kind folks during Little Debbie weren’t means to send us Lemon Meringue Rolls, a fact that has perpetually saddened us. If you’ve had them, PLEASE tell us all about them in a comments territory below.)

As always, this ambience exam is in no approach sponsored or shabby by Little Debbie.

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  • #1: Frosted Fudge Cakes

    bComments:/b “This sounded so unexciting yet competence be a best chocolate cake I’ve ever had?” “I would be happy if my marriage cake tasted like this.” “Oh god. So soft. So chocolatey. we know this is full of rubbish yet we wish to eat a million.” “Delicious cake!”

  • #2: Banana Pudding Rolls

    bComments:/b “So moist, good texture. Creamy, banana-y.” “THIS is a sweetest thing on earth.” “I’m impressed. You’ve outdone yourself with these.”

  • #3: Banana Twins

    bComments:/b “I kind of like it. we don’t feel strongly, we can’t tell if its’ artificial-tasting or not since it’s rather subtle.” “Has anything ever been sweeter than this? Obviously I’m anti-fake banana, yet I’d eat a whole one.” “Mildly delightful. Artificial season doesn’t confuse me during all. Gimme banana twins!” “Light with hints of banana. Odd aftertaste.”

  • #4: Boston Creme Rolls

    bComments:/b “This is a best break cake I’ve ever had. It’s like eating an even some-more wet Boston cream doughnut.” “I consider we only got diabetes. Great texture, yet all sugar.” “Tastes only like a Swiss roll, yet we skip that uncanny chocolate coating.”

  • #5: Peanut Butter Crunch Bars

    bComments:/b “At first, it’s unequivocally good — light, crunchy. Then comes a aftertaste, that is not so good.” “This is only a low bill Butterfinger, right?” “IT’s like a dry Reeses peanut butter cup. Sad, yet gets points only for being peanut butter and chocolate.”

  • #6: Caramel Cookie Bars

    bComments:/b “Dry, flavorless.” “Little Debbie, this is not a Twix. PACK IT IN.” “Eh.”

  • #7: Raisin Creme Pies

    strongComments:/strong “No raisin season during all, really dry stuffing that dries out a mouth. Super wet cake, though.” “Eh. Boring, yet inoffensive. Oatmeal Creme Pies are distant superior.” “Dry, crumbly, disappointing. Sad.” “The raisin is overpowered, both good and bad.”

  • #8: Pecan Spinwheels

    bComments:/b “DRY.” “Good lord! Is there not adequate fat in this to keep it from drying out?” “Why are we so dry? And what happened to all your pecans?”

  • #9: Strawberry Shortcake Rolls

    bComments:/b “Super wet yet too ‘fake strawberry’ for me.” “NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.” “Strawberry preserve fail.” “Overpoweringly sweet.”

  • #10: S’mores

    strongComments: /strong”DRY.” “NO. we hatred a hardness of a marshmallow.” “The marshmallow is infrequently tough to punch into.” “Starts good yet on nipping it all morphs into a tear-jerking marshmallow blend.”

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