Karen Koster’s Wedding Pictures

  • Karen Koster’s Wedding Pictures

    Xpose presenter Karen Koster was all smiles as she married her partner of 5 years, John McGuire, during a Chiesa di Santa Caterina church in Taormina, Italy, final week.

    Our unequivocally possess Xposé beauty Karen and John tied a knot, in a romantic, insinuate ceremony.

    The integrate were surrounded by a organisation of tighten family and friends.

    Karen told us currently that it was a “beautiful, romantic and waggish day” and that she’s “happy to be John’s wife!

    Karen’s marriage dress was from The White Room in Mullingar. Details of a dress were kept underneath wraps compartment a large day.

    Karen and John suggested a following to VIP Magazine, that lonesome a wedding:

    You were on time, Karen…

    Yes, we had to delayed down on my approach to a church, since we was too on time. Put it this way: we was a unequivocally fervent bride!

    John, what was going by your conduct as we waited for Karen during a altar?

    It’s a unequivocally surreal knowledge when you’re adult there. So when she arrived we was thinking, appreciate God you’re here, this was removing weird!! Normally, nobody asks me how I’m feeling, though we contingency have been asked that doubt about forty times before Karen did arrive. we was thinking: because are we seeking me? Do we know something we don’t?! And afterwards people were revelation me “She’s beautiful, so beautiful”, and we was like: “I know. It’s not a propitious bag, not a blind date. Didn’t we collect her?! we know what’s coming!!” She looked positively great.

    John tweeted a above picture, a following day saying:

    My usually square of jewellery! I’m a new male (ish)

    The marriage accepting was hold in a Grand Hotel Timeo, that also facilities in a new emanate of VIP Magazine, that goes on sale on Monday.

    Did we speak, Karen?

    Yes, we was unequivocally penetrating that we would pronounce as well. So that seemed to go down well. As Jenny McCarthy was both a guest and a marriage photographer, her father Martin King was also with us. Every time we got romantic during my debate I’d say: “Ok Martin, it’s over to we for a weather…!” It was unequivocally loose and funny. Then John spoke beautifully. There was no necessity of humour in any of a speeches.

    Speaking of dancing into a night, what strain did we select for your ‘first dance’?

    We didn’t indeed do an central initial dance. But during around 4’o’clock in a morning, one of a guest sang A Rainy Night in Soho by a Pogues, and that’s a ‘song’…so that was a tighten estimation to a initial dance! It was ideal for us.

    The new emanate of ‘VIP magazine’, on sale Monday, contains coverage of a Italian wedding.

    Wedding photographer: Jenny McCarthy

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